Welcome to the Scripts Section. The following writing samples are taken from a Comic Book Script, Gaming Proposals, and an original screenplay I have written called "Hellhound". The link below takes you to a simulated "Hellhound" homepage.




The "Hellhound" comic script sample is adapted from my original screenplay, and it is interesting to note some of the changes that were necessary when translating the story from one medium to another. I am pleased with the brevity and immediacy evident in the comic script. When pictures are added, less is more. The "Stargods" pitch is a streamlined presentation summarizing a complex comic universe. These "pitches" have always helped me organize the stories before I actually sit down to write them.

Hellhound Comic  



The sample pages from the "Hellhound" screenplay showcase how I have chosen to visually anchor the storytelling, while trying to keep the dialogue more character driven rather than plot driven. I enjoy telling action adventure stories enhanced by character drama within a philosophical allegory. My characters and situations usually represent universal mythic concepts. Click the "What is HH" for a quick summary.

Hellhound Pitch What is HH?



Some of the Game Settings proposals below were part of a role-playing game submission competition, while others were designed as Video Games. Each writing sample describes how I would construct environments, characters, storytelling, combat action and puzzle solving challenges within the gaming arena.

Aquatica Twilight Island
Prince of Thunder Prince of Thunder Voice Over Script



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